Our Story

Family History

Our Great-Great grandfather Mr. Raman was a Kalari Aashan (Teacher of traditional Kerala Martial Arts) and was a strong devotee of Rudiramala Bhagavathi and Kodungallur Bhagavathi. He stayed at the back side of Trittamarasseri Shiva Temple and named his house as Kunnathuvalappil.  His son Mr. Kittu (our Kittu Muthachan) was a strong devotee of Lord Hanuman and started Sri Hanuman Seva (Traditional way of pleasing Lord Hanuman) on his early childhood itself.
Mr. Kittu was a toddy tapper in his early hood and one day when he was on the way to his home after his tapping work, he saw an old Siddha (A person who achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or enlightenment) who was very tired and unable to walk. The Siddha told him that he is very thirsty and Mr. Kittu could not find out any water nearby, and he informed the Siddha that “I could not find out the water nearby and all I can offer you at this time is the Toddy that I tapped today”. Siddha was very happy and drank some toddy to overcome his thirst. While drinking the Toddy, the Siddha informed the Kittu that Lord Hanuman does not like his job of tapping Teddy and need to stop it. Siddha gave him two valuable books of Ayurveda and informed him that he need to learn Vaidya (Ayurveda Medicine), help the family, society and also teach the same to the descendants of the family. One of the books which The Siddha given was about complete information of ayurveda treatments for human and the other was about the ayurvedic treatment for animals. In these books there is ayurveda remedy for all diseases.
The Siddha informed Kittu that he will not be here for more time and he is going to leave his body. The siddha blessed the kittu and told him to do his rituals after death like his son and our grandfather Kittu did all the rituals after the Siddha’s samadhi (Yogis are said to attain the final liberation after leaving their bodies at the time of death). Kittu practiced Hanuman Seva and started learning the books, soon he become very famous in ayurveda treatments.
Mr. Kittu’s son was Mr. Velu, he learned complete Ayurveda Treatments from his father and also become very famous.
Mr. Velu‘s son was Mr. Karuppan, he was also very famous in Ayurveda Marma treatments.
Mr. Karuppan’s son was Mr. Velu Vaidyar(our grand-Grandfather), famous Ayurveda Vaidyan in that time.
The famous Shankaran Vaidyar in the last generation was the son of Mr. Velu Vaidyar.
Mr. Shankaran Vaidyar is the father of Mr. Kappukutty Vaidyar, Mr. Gangadharan Vaidyar and Mr. Chandran Vaidyar.
Mr. Jayaraj Kunnathuvalappil and Mr. Jayashankar Kunnathuvalappil are the sons of Mr. Gangadharan Vaidyar.